7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Coffee Maker

coffee makerDo you want to have a perfect cup of coffee in your home or office?

If you said yes, there is no alternative to buying a coffee maker. Once you have adjusted the options, the device will produce the same quality coffee every time you press the button.
There are different types of coffee makers available in the market. Choosing the best one from them is a challenging task. There are two ways to do this –

  • You can check coffee maker reviews,
  • You can get expert tips.

While the first choice depends on you, I can help with the second choice. In this post, I have collected the 7 things you should know before buying a coffee maker. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Which Type are You Looking For?

The first thing to consider is what type of coffee machine you are looking for. The popular types include percolator, espresso maker, automatic drip, French press and thermal coffee makers. Each of them has some specialties and some weak points. You should choose the right type depending on your requirements.

2. What is the Capacity?

The next big thing is the capacity of your coffee maker. All sorts of sizes and capacities are available with these machines. You should check out things like how much storage it has and how many cups of coffee it can provide at a time.

3. Is it User-friendly?

A user-friendly machine provides convenience and comfort in everyday usage. According to the best coffee maker reviews, a perfect coffee maker should have simple options for maintaining the strength, brew pause, adjustable heater plate, easy cleaning, minimum maintenance etc.

4. Is it Speedy Enough?

This might not be a biggie for some people. However, if you are always in a hurry, it should be a priority for you. You should pick up a model which doesn’t require more than a minute to prepare a strong cup of coffee.

5. What is the Filter Type?

Basically, coffee makers have three types of filters –

  • Paper filter
  • Metal Filter
  • Water Filter

Some people believe that paper filters help us to remove cholesterol. These filters are also for one-time use only. On the other hand, metal filters are a lifelong option. Choose the one which suits you.

6. How is the Build Quality?

Build quality is another important thing to consider for purchasing coffee machines. Once you have fixed your mind about the other options, find out a device which comes with a solid build quality. There should be a balance between the performance and build quality of your chosen machine.

7. Is There Programmable Options?

While not an absolute necessity, this is a nice feature to have. If you want to get up in the morning with the aroma of brewing coffee, you should choose a programmable coffee machine. Most modern machines are provided with this feature anyway.

Final Words

In order to pick up the perfect coffee machine, you need to decide how much time, effort and money you are willing to spend. Finding out your requirements will help you to take a better decision. People needing a quick cup of coffee will need a separate machine than those who want a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you should be able to pick up the most appropriate coffee machine for you.

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10 Practical Tips to Find the Best Toaster Oven

toaster ovenCooking at home is a fun and easy way of saving money and having healthy food. Cooking in traditional ovens is expensive. A handy alternative is to use a toaster oven. These ovens are both energy efficient and faster than the conventional ones.

To find out the best match for you, make sure that you have checked the toaster oven reviews first. However, if you don’t have the time to do that, let me help you. I have prepared a list of 10 practical tips to find out the best toaster oven. Let’s see which they are, shall we?

  1. Choose the Proper Size

When buying a toaster oven, this is the first thing you should consider. In general, there are two types of toaster ovens – countertop models and underneath cabinet models. If you don’t have enough space on your counter, the footprint of an oven might be an issue for you. Therefore, choose an oven which fits your cabinet space.

  1. Consistent Performance

Several best toaster oven reviews have revealed that the best ones offer consistent browning. Once you have adjusted your desired range, the oven will produce the same quality for all batches. This feature is very useful for toasting multiple batches.

  1. Safety Aspect

Older models of toaster ovens did a poor job in managing the heat. Both the plastic and metal parts couldn’t be touched by bare hands. But the new ones are provided with intelligent technologies for reducing heat. Most new ovens shut off the heating elements quickly.

  1. Easy Control

Your chosen oven should have an easy and convenient controlling system. Numbered dials and electronic touchpad systems are the best controlling systems in this regard. On the other hand, shade dial or unlabeled dials provide the worst user experience.

  1. Adjustable Slot Size

If you want oblong bread and/or big bagel support, you should go for toaster ovens which are more than 5 inches deep. If your toaster slot does not have that much depth, it will not be able to hold the whole bread and will deliver half-toasted breads only.

  1. Bread Lifter

Several modern toaster ovens have this option. This feature pops up the bread a bit once it is toasted. By using the lever, you can easily push the bread out of the toaster and easily retrieve it.

  1. Simple Cord Control

Managing the oven’s cord often turns into a pain for most houses. To avoid this issue, look for a model which has retractable cords. Some ovens also come with some sort of indentations which allow you to hide the cord.

  1. Broiling Support

If you want to cook chops and/or burgers in your toaster oven, make sure that it comes with the broil feature. This will ensure proper cooking for your food.

  1. Easy Maintenance

In order to keep your oven in proper working condition, you should always keep it clean and well-maintained. Ovens with non-sticky or porcelain interiors are perfect in this regard. Also, the housing shouldn’t have lots of holes or vents.

  1. Warm/Reheat Option

If you want to keep your food warm or want to reheat the food, look for the ovens that have these features. This will help you to keep foods fresh and warm for a longer period of time.


Choosing the right one is important for getting the most benefit out of your toaster oven. When looking for a new oven, keeping these tips in mind will definitely help you to take a better decision.

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